How much faster is MT5?

How much faster is MT5?

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      I am getting further into building dash boards that iterate through several custom indicators. This is naturally very taxing on MT4. I have heard that MT5 is faster and accesses more cores in your computer’s processer. I will admit, I have a loose idea why that is beneficial, but do not know if that applies to what I am looking to do.

      The average dashboard I build that checks logic behind custom indicators will push the MT4 client to 20%+ cpu usage.

      Will MT5 load dashboards that go through all pairs and timeframes (essentially iterating numerous times through arrays by pair and timeframe), check numerous indicator statuses, etc. and apply conditional OBJPROPs faster than MT4 will, ideally without freezing? Or is this simply a process that is inherently slow and will freeze any client terminal?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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