Simple Strategy 5-10% Profit Per Month with Arbitrage

Simple Strategy 5-10% Profit Per Month with Arbitrage

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      Hello, I would like to introduce you to a forex strategy that is very easy to trade, with this strategy you simply build a hedge using two different brokers and then collect swap interest for the open trades every day. You have to use two different brokers to make it work because the brokers always set their swap rates so that you don’t earn anything if you open the hedge in the same account but if you use another broker that is for example swap free or very low swap calculated, then it works.

      For example, currency USDMXN is traded 1 lot short with broker IC Markets and broker Octafx 1 lot long, so you open the same trade with the same volume with both brokers, but you go short with one broker and long with the other, so you have an open hedge. Now IC Markets pays a few euros every night for the short trade and Octafx doesn’t charge swaps on MT5 accounts, so you just earn swap interest every day without doing anything in principle, in which direction the price goes you don’t need to guess either.

      The only thing to keep in mind is that from time to time you need to transfer money from one account to another, for example if one account is in profit the other will be in the red and before you get a margin call on the account that is in the red you should put new money on it, the money can in turn be withdrawn from the other account which is in profit. IC Markets and Octafx also allow you to deposit and withdraw money for free and with the strategy you can make around 5-10% profit a month, so that’s actually a good thing, isn’t it?

      By the way, I built an EA robot with which you can trade this strategy well, the robot monitors all the connected accounts all the time and also intervenes if necessary or sends messages to the user so that you know what’s up. You can watch my robot live on Twitch:

      I would like to sell this robot, if anyone is interested please let me know.

      Feel free to write here in the forum how you find the strategy.

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